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30 Left Hand Exercises for Lead Guitar

$4.99 $1.00

Learn how to develop a killer left hand on the guitar with these exercises.

Included in this E book are 30 exercises designed to give your left hand a workout.

Learn these exercises, and apply them to all your riff writing and improvisation ideas!

Delco Guitar Academy T-Shirt


100% cotton, pre-shrunk tee features the Delco Guitar Academy logo printed in two color or three color (White, Red, 60% Black), double stitching on the neckline and sleeves add more durability.


May Punk Rock Boot Camp

$100.00 $25.00

Join us for an Online Group guitar lesson on 70s Punk Rock!

Starting This THURSDAY, May 7th, 8pm EST, Mike Campanile will lead a group lesson, walking all students though one hand picked and personally transcribed Punk Rock tune from the 70s.


In these meetings, you will:

  • Receive sheet music 100% accurate. This isn’t trash downloaded from Ultimate Guitar. This is the real deal.
  • Each lesson will be a thorough walk through of all sections, along with addressing troublesome spots in the music
  • What makes these songs great?
  • Chord Progressions and music theory – how can you use what you’re learning in your own music?
  • Connect with other musicians
  • Ask questions and get valuable feedback



Music Is Essential T-Shirt


Support Delco Guitar Academy and by rockin’ this soft and comfy cotton shirt that states MUSIC IS ESSENTIAL. Because it IS! And the double stitching on the neckline and sleeves add more durability to what is sure to be a favorite!

The Delco Guitar T-Shirt


This 100% cotton, pre-shrunk tee features guitar formed by the names of all of the places in Delaware County. The print is available in two colors per tee (black and red OR white and red), double stitching on the neckline and sleeves add more durability.

Total Fretboard Mastery Vol. 1

  • Learn how to play different chord shapes and scales over the same chord/key!
  • Downloadable Ebook, unzip and go!
  • Learn the secrets of chord substitutions
  • Create unique voicings and sounds
  • Escape the pentatonic box!
  • Full of awesome ideas you can use immediately!
  • Includes full pdf with 30 examples
  • Includes recordings of all examples