Delco Guitar Academy is a private Music School focusing on providing high quality guitar lessons locally, as well as online. We provide face to face lessons, lessons over the internet, as well as group workshops.

We are a collaboration of passionate musicians of diverse backgrounds, excited to teach and share what music can bring to your life. We are looking for energetic, motivated people like you! Whether you are just starting out on your journey, looking to improve, or trying to get out of a rut, we are here for you.

These days, people are even more busy than ever. It’s tough trying to find the right teacher, the right method, and nail down a schedule. Many guitarists fall down the Youtube hole, chasing bits and pieces of ideas yet not really progressing as fast as they want to, if at all. Other guitarists try taking traditional lessons with mixed results. Perhaps the teacher is only teaching what they think you “need to learn”. Or, they are not listening and reacting to your needs as a musician. Or, even worse still, they have no plan at all and are “winging it”. These issues as well as many others can cripple a musician. We want your musical journey to be exciting and fun, and we strive to provide high quality lessons for beginners and advanced players. Let us help revolutionize what you think is achievable!

“I have had my daughter getting lessons from a music store for a year and she was still only plucking strings. She was getting overwhelmed and disinterested. I hired Michael and within a year he had her playing chords. He inspires her talent and she really lovers to play her guitar now. She works on her own music as well as music she learns with Michael. He is the best at what he does and I’m thankful to have him teach and inspire my daughter.”

-Evie West

In our experience training and teaching hundreds of lessons, we have found that the ‘old school’ traditional way of teaching does not work for everyone.

There are many reasons for this.
Here are a few (perhaps you fall into one of these):
  1. Traditional method books are boring……I just wanna rock!
  2. Method books don’t address my current needs.
  3. Too much emphasis on textbook theory and technique.
  4. I’m not studying the music I like with my current teacher.
  5. I don’t have any clear goals.
  6. I don’t know what I’m working towards.
  7. I want to learn how to improvise above my current ability.
  8. I want to learn how to write lyrics and craft a song.
  9. I don’t know how to improve, I have no metric.
  10. I have a strong desire to improve, but my schedule is hectic.
  11. I don’t know how to formulate a practice routine.

We have heard and seen all these instances (and many others). The truth is that, for some of us, the traditional “method book” approach does work. If it didn’t it wouldn’t still be around. One of the problems though, is that we all as people do not learn in a linear “straight line” way. Many of us learn in a more non-linear way. Here is just a short example of “straight line” learning and “geometric”.

You want to make a pizza. A linear approach would be to use a step by step process. First the dough, then rolling it, then sauce, then cheese etc. Not progressing any further until you finish the previous step. Now, anyone who can cook knows the most effective way to make something is to accomplish multiple tasks at the same time, then combine things. This speeds up the process, and is more effective.

The pizza is your guitar playing. You want to learn how to play at a high level as quickly as possible. A linear approach traditionally used is the “method book” approach. You generally progress from one book to the next, moving forward but only doing so after completing the previous tasks. While this does work, often is it not the most effective way. We combine this approach (the same way a cook combines ingredients) with many strategies specific to your needs.

We currently offer lesson programs personalized specifically to your needs as a player, and what you want to achieve. Whether you want to book a lesson once a month, or see a teacher face to face once a week, we are here! We offer practical solutions to many problems guitar players face, and all materials and exercises are customized to fit you.

What we provide:

  1. Lessons Online
    • Online Face to Face Lessons via Skype
    • Free lesson articles on our site updated weekly
  2. Lessons Face to Face
  3. Group Workshops Live Streaming Seminars

Current Teachers:

Michael Campanile

Mike Campanile has taught and provided lessons privately as well as with the Meridee Winters School of Music (www.mwschoolofmusic) for over 10 years. He performs live in multiple acts; Syberia, a Pennsylvania based metal band, Guitar Riot, a Stray Cats (rockabilly) cover band, and has recorded and performed with many acts locally as well as film scoring and production on the West Coast. Drawing from his education as a graduate of Temple University Ester Boyer College of Music and Dance, as well as his experiences performing and working with musicians of diverse backgrounds, Mike has cultivated long term working relationships with students, musicians, teachers, producers, and friends. He currently specializes in teaching beginner guitar, advanced guitar, songwriting, composition, improvisation, theory, lead guitar, as well as recording, production, and classical piano instruction. He currently has 10 recorded albums to his credit, ranging from punk rock, to ambient shoegaze, and his music can be heard via iTunes, songster, youtube, reverb nation, amazon, or locally in live venues.

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